Samsung Galaxy A 2016 – a new upgradation from Samsung

Samsung has radically improved the design of Samsung Galaxy A of the newly-launched product line in 2016, and simultaneously upgraded the phone’s hardware in comparison to previous generations.

Galaxy A is a line of fashionable mid-range smartphone debuted in 2014. This is also the first smartphone to set the trend of using metal material in manufacturing Samsung smartphones. Recently in early 2016, the company has introduced both the Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 to the public.

Samsung Galaxy A 2016 design


The Galaxy A 2016 has the same design style as the Galaxy S6 model with metal frame and glass sides. The metal frame is made square while the top and the base of the gadget are slightly rounded. Two glass sides of Gorilla Glass 4 with 2.5D curve beveled tight into the frame gives an impressive sense of certainty as well as a pleasant surfing experience for users. However, glass material may looks bad with fingerprints when used long.

Camera of the Galaxy A is still in square shape and made prominent like the previous ones. It has many colors like champagne gold, pinky gold and black. In all versions, the front are black, combined with its thin-screen contour so users feel the screen a little bit rim overflowed. However, that black color is not in accordance with the back in terms of those editions of champagne gold or pinky gold.

Samsung Galaxy A 2016 design 2

Samsung still uses the Super Amoled screen on its Galaxy line A in 2016. The displaying quality on the new generation of Galaxy A is better in terms of the color of images and their sharpness. Besides, Amoled screen helps the gadget to match a lot of different situations. For example, as under heated sunlight, images are still clearly shown and even when you read something on the phone in the dark, it is still comfortable for you to see at subdued level. Wide viewing angles, brilliant color and black visibility are all quite good, which is perfect for those who enjoy watching movies or playing games on mobile phones.


Galaxy A 2016 is running TouchWiz on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The product is equipped with almost all of the wireless connection on the high end smart phones of Samsung as well as NFC and Samsung Pay feature.

Featuring 2 SIM without distinguishing primary and secondary ones, the gadget comes in handy in some cases to keep its users holding their conversation on one end while not losing contact from the other. This is not an outstanding feature that is not always supported by 2 SIM smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A 2016 features

Samsung also enhanced security on this line of Galaxy A with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the Home button.


Samsung Galaxy A 2016 camera

As for camera, Samsung has upgraded this 2016 line with the main camera of 13 megapixel resolution, lens aperture of f / 1.9 and supports OIS optical stabilization. However, the device only supports Full HD recording.

The mode of A Pro on the Galaxy A 2016 remains similar to previous editions. Users are supposed to intervene only in such parameters as white balance (WB), ISO (from 100 to 800) as well as brightness (+/- 2) without manual focus, shutter speed, exposure or saving images in RAW format.

Similar to previous generations, Galaxy A 2016 places a strong focus on the front camera featuring a 5 megapixel selfie with particularly Wide Selfie function, support remote ordering and automated beauty portrait. In addition, both front and rear camera support video recording with full HD 1.080p quality.

Performance and battery

The new generation of Samsung Galaxy A uses 1.6GHz 8-core chip. Both have the ability to handle basic tasks in a better and smoother way than before. However, with powerful applications, Galaxy 2016 A7 better run thanks to the 3GB RAM while Galaxy A5 still lags in some cases.

Another strength of the new smartphone of Samsung Galaxy A is its 2,900 mAh battery with 3,300 mAh in A5 and A7 respectively. With this battery, the duo are able to meet demand during the day, using the 2 SIM with continuous network connectivity. Also, using one SIM, the battery will run out up to 1.5 days.

Galaxy A 2016 has advantages in terms of design alongside some outstanding features over other models in the same segment, though its relatively high price will somehow reduce its competitiveness.

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