Obscure Tip To Be Anti-Trangle For Iphone Headset

iPhone headphone is regularly tangled despite being carefully wrapped. The tip below will help users to solve this problem.

iPhone headset is often a mess when taking out of pocket. Only a few people know that they could avoid that problem by using a small detail on the headset: the small clamp.


Not many people pay attention to this detail because it does not play any role when listening to music. But when taking the headphone into the bag, the user can grip two ends of accessory on this plastic piece, pull it close to the equalizer. Then wrapping the wire as usual. This will the iPhone headset to be no longer tangled easily as before.


With normal headphones which do not have the plastic pieces as the iPhone one, users can buy additional pieces Earbud Clip for winding and anti-tangle easier. This accessory is sold in many places with cheap price.

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