Macbook 12″ 2015 Review: ultra-thin, strong and long battery

Sometimes you really crave for a device but it turned out wrong when what you hold in your hands is not something you had expected. For your personal, ultra-thin MacBook 12 “is such a product. In fact, it is simply not compelling enough to move me from the 15″ Retina I am using now. However, for some people, MacBook 12 “is almost perfect: it is ultra-thin and ultra-light with long-life battery, excellent screen and full Web browsing (20 tabs open at the same time) while producing 20 16 MP RAW images with Light-room CC.

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MacBook 12 ” is neither the world’s thinnest and lightest. However, it combined many elements in a design including being extremely compact and there being almost no excessive detail. You can see a lot of other thinner or lighter computers but there would be something to make up for those features such as screen or battery.

Macbook 12 - Design 01

In terms of its design, the MacBook 12″ almost reached Apple’s level, which means that when looking at it you cannot think of any details that need to change to make it more perfect. You simply need to get a finger, lift up the screen lid very gently without using two hands, one holding the frame and the other holding the screen as for any other computers.

Macbook 12 - Design 02

Its thin design which is prone to tapering below of new MB is also another advantage compared to the MBP: the machine is not completely annoyed by sharp edges below. On MBP, Apple utilizes blocks with contiguous points in the middle of the sharp plane. That condition has been improved and the new MB is most prevented.

Macbook 12 - Design 03

As I said, MacBook 12″ has nothing ranked first at this time, even though the screen border area has been significantly reduced but it is still not the thinnest in the world. On the whole, all those features are combined to form something truly wonderful and optimal at the moment. The greatest weakness that many people are interested in the new MacBook is a glowing apple logo, which has become opaque type as it is now is a piece of metal with the different color that is not as bright as that of the former model.

Macbook 12 - Design 04

So does MB 12″ has no weaknesses? Indeed, the very first one is because it is so impact and thin. Due to that, it is somewhat difficult to use when placed on the thighs, especially those who are tall or has long arms. It is not like when using the larger screen computer, their entire hands will be stretched on the keyboard, needing not much effort to keep it balanced.

Macbook 12 - Design 05


The simplest comment on the screen of MB 12″ is that it has the quality of MacBook Pro Retina display in a MacBook Air body. Speaking of viewing angle, color or color strip… the MB 12″ reached the MB Pro Retina and is actually beyond MacBook Air standard, not just in terms of resolution but in all other characteristics. Even when it is placed out in the sun, the MB 12″ screen even glares less than the MBP Retina thanks to a new anti-glare layer. However, the real story lies not only in that but either in the resolution or display reality.

Macbook 12 - Screen 01

Let’s talk about the advantages first. MacBook 12″ screen is exactly 16:10 instead of 16: 9 as many Windows computers or MacBook Air 11″. 16:10 is the ratio that Apple traditionally used, it is better to balance between the actual working area and display area to view multimedia content. Along a diagonal size ( 11 “, 13 “, 15 ” for instance), the machine used 16:10 screen always has a larger actually displaying area than the 16: 9 model, so it makes the overall design of the machine larger.

Macbook 12 - Screen 02

Apple could have taken notice of that problem, that’s why they set the display resolution on the MacBook 12 ” as 1280 x 800, not 1152 x 720 as all the previous products, and the maximum resolution supported is 1440 x 900. In fact, this display can be changed fairly easily, but it comes with another downside: it significantly slows down the device.

Macbook 12 - Screen 03

If you ever use the Retina MacBook Pro 15″, you will see when the display is in optimal 1440 x 900 resolution, the machine will be a lot faster and smoother a lot than the ones with resolution of 1680 x 1050 and 1680 x 1050. The reason here is the consolidation of 4 pixels and treating them as a single one is much easier than the task of making it bigger and then scaling them.

Macbook 12 - Screen 05

Thus, we can say if you just use a window, then the MacBook 12″ screen is not a problem, and we can adjust the resolution to 1152 x 720 and also battery power to the strongest level but still in saving mode. But those who are familiar with two windows using, the 1440 x 900 resolution is a better option, though we will have to sacrifice for the performance. Of course, though the transformation of resolution only takes 3 clicks, I still wish to have a higher resolution for smoother operation in the default settings.


The performance of the MacBook 12 ” is either good or bad that makes people confuse a lot. Actually, the answer is not that simple as it depends on your choices, to be precisely, it depends what your needs are. If you are a normal user: web browser, open a spreadsheet, Lightroom photo editing, run Photoshop with the average layer, light effects, add text … the MacBook 12 ” certainly satisfies you. They is able to produce more than 20 RAW 16MP photos while simultaneousluy browsing in Safari (available 20 tabs open). The device is still running pretty good, not much slower.

Macbook 12 - Performance 01

Macbook 12 - Performance 02

There is one point to note: MacBook 12 ” brings better performance, even extremely good one beyond your expectations when you need to use it just in a short time. For example, when you add a heavy layer in Photoshop, it runs sometimes not worse than the Retina MacBook Pro 13 “, but if you need to run many apps in the long term such as film production, then its performance will fall back to the its true nature. The reason here is because the TurboBoost will be enabled to finish the work suddenly, but if it exceeds the TDP standard of Intel provisions, the increased performance has to be stopped to keep the CPU stable.


Keyboards – trackpad

The keyboard is a notable change on MacBook 12 “, and most likely it will also be applied to other Apple devices in the future. Speaking of the keyboard: “This issue is not about the keyboard itself but it is something located in your feelings”. MB 12 ” keyboard is the most accurate of all compact computer keyboards that you use and it is even more precise than MBP keyboards when you’re used to.

Macbook 12 - Keyboards - trackpad 01

Normally, when typing we impact a force towards the key, waiting for it to sink and then move to another one. With this new keyboard with the butterfly mechanism, all we need to do is to glide above, typing on a multitouch surface and the keyboard is not sinking, for which it is a lot faster than some traditional types. Moreover, the keyboard is not cumbersome but it is accurate in a rather surprising way.

Macbook 12 - Keyboards - trackpad 02

As for the trackpad, my comments on it is a bit contradictory. I like the way that Apple makes this trackpad ForceTouch style. It brings about good feedbacks as users can press down on the entire surface of the trackpad rather than under the previous area. This technology also gives many new and convenient Gesture controls.

Macbook 12 - Keyboards - trackpad 03

Anyone who are familiar with trackpad for a long time without using their mouse (I stopped using mouse for about 5 years now) you’ll find dragging your finger on the trackpad with three of your fingers is one of the most amazing gesture of this product.

Macbook 12 - Keyboards - trackpad 04

Battery and temperature

Battery is one of the strengths of MB 12 “. Apple has combined many thin layers on top of each battery to better utilize the space and bring higher capacity. They said that their product is able to provide 10 hours cinema showing and 9 hours web browsing. But actually if it is used at high intensity, more than 20 Safari tabs opened simultaneously, occasionally watching a YouTube video, Bluetooth enabled, continuous WiFi connectivity for pushing mail, chat on Skype and Slack then it is capable for more than 6 hours at medium brightness quite, which is very impressing with such a compactgadget. In case you run at a maximum speed such as using benchmark tools continuously, the battery will fall into the range for more than 4 hours.

Macbook 12 - Battery and temperature 01

About the temperature, the device remains cool most of the time whether it is in operation or not. The only unique hot region is the hinge at the heart of the machine. It’s also just a little bit warm, unlike MBP Retina when operating at full capacity. Intel Core M is integrated with fanless design and smart layout, which the motherboard that is adjacent to the hinge contributes greatly to.



One day I had to recharge the phone 2 times and using the MacBook 12 ” means bringing along the mobile battery. As for other computers, I just bring the USB cable, but with MB 12 “, we must add another adapter if you want to sync or charge your phone, and if you buy the Apple’s cheapest adapter (USB C to ordinary one) of Apple, you must remove the charger. You have to buy a more expensive adapter or from the third manufacturers so as to be able to copy the data and recharge your phone at the time.

Macbook 12 - Connectors 01

Although USB is not always compulsory, it is obviously unreasonable that the MacBook has only one USB port C. It forces users to purchase more expensive USB cable to both connect and recharge is not something that should be recommended at all. Due to the new standard, the USB C devices is relatively costly, for which you’ll have to wait 1-2 years for them to cover the market.

Macbook 12 - Connectors 02


Speaking of the MacBook 12 “, people always think of the MacBook Air, the device did not match with most of the new people’s needs in its first launches but gradually transformed into something as Ultrabook standards for later generations. Macbook’s nature is still a pioneering device – an oriented products for the entire range of Apple computers, for which is is kind of popular at the time.

It’s too beautiful, too fashionable, too luxurious with excellent screen and high precision keyboard and causes no troubles for users, which is quite rare for such thin computers. Unfortunately, as always, the price of Apple products are not for everyone.


  • Ultra-thin and ultra-light design
  • Excellent and less glare screen
  • Good battery
  • Sufficient performance for most customers
  • Surprisingly good keyboard
  • USB-C


  • Only one connector
  • No head for transfering USB C to USB in the box
  • The percentage using the actual screen is not high
  • 480p webcam

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