HTC 10: Asymptotic Perfection

HTC 10 comes with masculine design which remind the previous model One M7. Performance, interface and camera all deserve to be on the current top.

When the images of HTC 10 were leaked online, many people have thought what the hell HTC is doing. However, when holding and experiencing this product, they will ensure to have other reviews.


HTC has showed that it is fit to be one of the world-leading smartphone carriers when launching the high-end smartphone as the 10. However, the quality of the device may not be proportional to the sales.

Created a smartphone good enough, the problem of HTC is how to find out a way to let the user know and experience its smartphone. At this point, HTC did not do well. Meanwhile, their rivals such as Apple and Samsung do both well.

Back to HTC 10, if you owned a HTC One (M7), HTC 10 will make you remember the feeling when holding that product at the first time: fresh, flashy and masculine.



On the current market, two mobile carriers creating the highest quality metal casing for handset are HTC and Apple, in fact HTC is even more excellence than the rival. Holding HTC 10, users will see the perfection in every detail of this handset frame.

On the back, the most notable feature is definitely the large diamond cut surrounded the body. Looking through the photo, it’s pretty rough and bad but it is actually much more beautiful in reality. It creates solid and masculine outlook for this smartphone – things that used to make many people cherish HTC One (M7), but then disappeared in the M8 and M9.

The present smartphones belonged Apple and Samsung are very beautiful but also soft, unlike the 10.

Holding HTC 10, the writer recalls 4 years ago when HTC launched the One X and One S. They were called as outstanding designs at that time. However, if we compare them with The 10 now, many people will exclaim why they thought these smartphones beautiful. They have more redundancy features which are lack of modern


This shows the design level of handset firms have dramatically developed for just 4 years.

On the front, the HTC 10 is quite common with 2,5 D screen. Home button of the device is brought down below the screen – what most users want. Many people will mistakenly believe it is hard button. In fact, it is the touch buttons but also integrated fingerprint scanner.

Two side navigation buttons are quite small compared with the redundancy part of the lower edge. Actual use proves that many times the writer can not to touch the back button when he wants to return to the previous page in a web browser.

With a deep cut on the back side, users could be thrilling hand when holding the phone. However, because of the small size (5.2 inches), it is not affect too much. This seems to be the ideal size for a high-end smartphone, the device is very fit, comfortable in all operations.

Camera and interface.

With the current high-end smartphones, the performance comparison is so redundant since they are all very strong. The actual benchmark figures indicate “selecting flagpole in chopsticks”. The difference of actual use between them is not significant since they are all the same fast and smooth.


Meanwhile, camera and interface are 2 important criteria showing class of a smartphone. At these 2 criteria, the 10 is both doing well.

Regarding to interface, HTC Sense continues to upgrade Sense – but follows minimalism way (in the original interface) and allows users to customize in maximum way according to their desires

Through the days the mobile firms created heavy UIs, equipping full trash apps and features which they thought users need (actually not many people use these features). Nowadays, the criteria of beautiful interface are simple and flat.


On the Sense 8, the firm still retains BlinkFeed – the features which is “the window to the world right from your home screen”. It’s pretty convenient when fully updated information from social networks, news sites, making it easy to track.

A pretty good customize features of the 10 is FreeStyle allowing users to completely change the arrangement of apps on the screen. Instead of icons arranged in traditional grid, HTC provides alternative stickers. Users can place these stickers anywhere on the screen and make a difference compared to traditional devices.


About camera, compared to the previous generations, the 10 actually created a revolution in photography. HTC used to struggling with UltraPixel on One (M7) and M8, 21 megapixels camera on M9. With the 10, the firms back on UltraPixel technology but with 12 megapixel sensor cluster.

If we compare the details, many people avow that camera of the 10 has not gone beyond the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge which are supposed to give the most beautiful photographs at present. However, it deserves in top 3. This camera meets all the criteria: quick snapshot, better focus, faster photo storage, high photo detail and good colour reproduction.


When outdoor shooting (good lighting conditions), or close-up shooting, this model shines with crisp and fresh colours. When macro shooting, it deletes fonts good. HDR shooting ability of this product is also impressive.

In lack of lighting conditions, the 10 has dark and not too sharp photos but in return, it’s close to the real colours than the remaining opponents.

Besides, this is the first product uses the front camera with optics stabilization allowing users to capture better low light selfie or stable video call.


Battery and sounds

When launched the 10, HTC emphasized this one for music devotees. This product is sold with a Hi-res to optimize listening experience on your handset. Regarding to the design, this headphone looks pretty ordinary but its quality is the best in all headphones coming with smartphones at present.

When connecting the headset, the device will require users to quickly answer a few questions to set their own music profile. Meanwhile, the camera will automatically adjust the sound volume for more consistent. Practical experience shows that using attached headset the making the handset’s sound quality really cool. However, if you connect to external speakers with the same music, the sound is quite bad.

When not using accessories, the sound of the10 is still greater than the majority of current smartphones

Meanwhile, the battery of the 10 is in medium level. For comparison, its battery is about 5 to 10% better than the iPhone 6S for the same demand. With the high demand, this handset still can adapt about a day of use.

This smartphone becomes hot pretty fast when using outdoors (Summer), especially when the network connection enabled. However, it’s not hot enough to annoy users.

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