Galaxy A8 review- mobile gadget with ultra-thin design and wide screen

Galaxy A8 is the most advanced smartphone in the A line of Samsung. It is 5.9 mm thin with monolithic design and soft curves embracing users’ hands.

A-series is mid-range smartphones from Samsung. After launching A3, A5 and A7 models, it continues to introduce the A8 among the smartphone market. This is an ensuing model with its price over 10 million approaching the senior segment where many firms are aiming at.

samsung galaxy a8

A8 design experiences a few changes compared to those previous models. In addition to the wide screen, it has ultra-slim and elegant-looking design integrated with modern features.


Galaxy A8 combines the front design of Galaxy S6 and the surrounding lines have something similar to those of the A line.


The front of the gadget is quite seductive with a 5.7-inch wide screen accounting for 73.8% of the area. There are two thin contours around and the Home button below supporting fingerprint sensor like S6.

The layout of buttons and other interface are somewhat similar to those of their recent smartphones. Meanwhile, the frame is made better not being sprayed paint but keeping its own color from the metal material. Another plus point in its design is that the two sides are bevel backwards. With its large screen models, it is handy for users to hold the gadget.


The back of the Galaxy A8 is kind of unimpressive. It still uses metal material, but is painted and users then often think that it is made of plastic. Its camera is slightly convex, flanked by loudspeaker and flash light.


Samsung arms A8 with 5.7 inch screen, equivalent to that of the Galaxy Note 5. It also uses Super AMOLED screen technology with Full HD Resolution and 386 ppi which is a little bit lower than the premium edition but its visibility is still impressive.


One of the tremendous advantages of the Super AMOLED screen is its bright pigments. However, in some cases, they tend to move warmer tones than LCD, which is similar to Galaxy A8.

With a large screen, A8 is able to display multimedia content in an impressive way. Playing games, watching movies or viewing websites are all wonderful experiences that they can bring to you.


Landed between high-end and intermediate segments, A8 is equipped with the most advantageous photographic features. In particular, clicking the Home button twice to start the camera is most appreciated. Users are not spending up to 1 second starting the camera. All the actions for a photograph to be taken can be done rapidly.

Photos taken by Galaxy A8 look quite good with sharp and bright pigments. Compared to mobile phones in the same range, A8 is more appreciated for its higher brightness. However, a few shots in low condition of light lack HD resolution.


A8 uses Exynos 5453 processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory. The real test for heavy and complex games shows that A8 is able to perform well for opening and playing for a long time. This model also gives exciting experience of surfing the web, watching movies via 3G or Wi-Fi.


Another plus point of this model is the 3,050-mAh battery meaning that the gadget can be used for a long period of time exceeding a day though using a variety of tasks such as gaming and web surfing.

General assessment


– Slim and beautiful design

– Excellent screen

– Long-lasting battery

– Good camera

– Fingerprint sensor support


– The back is not beautiful

– The battery is not removable

– Lack of some advanced features: NFC, infrared

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