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Obscure Tip To Be Anti-Trangle For Iphone Headset

iPhone headphone is regularly tangled despite being carefully wrapped. The tip below will help users to solve this problem. iPhone headset is often a mess when taking out of pocket. Only a few people know that they could avoid that problem by using a small detail on the headset: the small clamp. Not many people pay attention to this detail ...

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A list of the best games and Android apps of the year announced by Google

Many big companies chose the end of the year as the time for them to publish their list of the best products. Google has recently announced its own list of the best applications based on user’s evaluation. All applications are to be released officially on Play Store for Android devices. Some prominent ones could be Microsoft Word (Microsoft) and Twitch ...

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5 basic ways to speed up your Android smartphone

You would be very surprised for the first time using your Android devices at how fast and smoothly it runs. However, over a period of time, its performance will slow down quickly and you gradually learn how to take advantage of your gadget in the most patient way. Don’t worry as you are definitely able to help yourself regain its ...

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16 Best Free Apps On iPhone

With over one million apps from the App Store for iPhone, users would find it difficult to know which one is the most suitable. Here are the best applications available for the mobile Apple products. 01. Evernote: Evernote is kind of an electronic notebook, enabling users to save images, web pages, voice files … In addition, it can sync with ...

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14 functions of iPhone earphone that you may not know

Users can receive or reject calls, play music, take photos by pressing buttons on the EarPods earphone without touching the gadget’s screen.                              See also : Best iphone 6 cases & covers Iphone 6 plus accessories Macbook 12 inch 2015 cases

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5 tasks for utilizing Galaxy S6 edge’s curved screen

With the curved edges on screen, Samsung smartphone may notify new messages and incoming calls and provide instant access to contacts or brief news updates. Notify calls and messages One of the main features of the curved screen is that it is able to display a color strip by the side to notify you when there is a new call ...

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