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LG G5 has completely changed compared to the G4 on the design, the accessory listing as well as the features. Design LG G5 is completely redesigned with metal and glass materials instead of plastic and leather as on the G4. The combo hard buttons have been changed, instead of the arrangement of hard keys including the power button and the ...

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Galaxy Note 5 Review: Impressive S Pen

Note 5 is a changing effort of Samsung to maintain its firm position in the fierce big-screen smartphone market. Instead of cramming all features and configuration into one design as before, Samsung has perfected what they create.

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Galaxy A8 review- mobile gadget with ultra-thin design and wide screen

Galaxy A8 is the most advanced smartphone in the A line of Samsung. It is 5.9 mm thin with monolithic design and soft curves embracing users’ hands. A-series is mid-range smartphones from Samsung. After launching A3, A5 and A7 models, it continues to introduce the A8 among the smartphone market. This is an ensuing model with its price over 10 ...

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Macbook 12″ 2015 Review: ultra-thin, strong and long battery

Sometimes you really crave for a device but it turned out wrong when what you hold in your hands is not something you had expected. For your personal, ultra-thin MacBook 12 “is such a product. In fact, it is simply not compelling enough to move me from the 15″ Retina I am using now. However, for some people, MacBook 12 ...

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ZenFone 2 Review: strong improvement and valuable upgrade

ZenFone 2 is a very powerful improvement from the older version of ASUS last year. Its configuration is not considered as high but, to be precisely, extremely high. 4GB of RAM is the most interesting features to most users. However, it is divided into different levels of configuration. The device in this review has the highest configuration including 5.5 “Full-HD ...

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Review HTC One M9 – an elegant mark of smartphone with high-quality battery

The brand-new high-class smartphone of HTC inherits many good features in design from One M7 and M8. The new attributes lie in its configuration, apps and cameras. Design One M9 carries the characteristics of HTC’s design. The pure metal cover lends it an attractive and luxurious beauty. The design style of HTC differentiates One M9 from other pure-aluminium-covered smartphones, although ...

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