Best and nice Google Nexus 9 cases

Despite not as popular as Apple or Samsung in the smart device market, Google Nexus is quite a competitive brand in term of quality. Lately, it has introduced Google Nexus 9 to compete more intensely in this industry.

The strength of this tablet is its screen. It is bigger and all images are much more sharply displayed. Therefore, users may have much better experience viewing things on this tablet. Secondly, it owns a wonderful battery, which is extremely convenient for anyone who usually has to work outside. Last but not least, it is run by an extremely powerful GPU. Despite some shortcomings such as being not as smooth as iPad or the unclear stereo speakers, it is still a very wonderful device for anyone who prioritizes the convenience.

Best and nice Google Nexus 9 cases

Keeping your precious tablet safe all the time is very necessary. However, there would be reckless moment that no one can imagine of. Therefore, a case is an indispensable thing. I would like to introduce the collection of the Best and nice Google Nexus 9 cases in this section. There are various designs and different materials for you to choose. Feel free to pick up the one that best figures your personality as they are all high quality in term of durability. Check the following 12 description to learn more about them.

01. amFilm® Premium HD Clear Screen Protector for Google HTC Nexus 9 2014 (2 Pack) [Lifetime Warranty]

The special point of this product is that it is almost invisible on your device despite the fact that it is the combination of 3 PET film layers. Thanks to this feature, it is highly protective to the screen against other common factors such as dust, scratches. In case you find it quite old and want to replace it, you can feel free to do it frequently as there will be no residual left no matter how many times you remove this screen protector.

02. Fintie Google Nexus 9 Case – Slim Fit Folio Smart Cover with Auto [Sleep/Wake] Function for Google Nexus 9 Tablet (8.9-Inch 2014 Model) by HTC Android 5.0 Lollipop, Black

This case guarantees the best protection for your device. It is made from artificial leather accompanied by a soft micro fibre in the inside so that it can be resistant to the hard pressure and be soft to the screen at the same time. The tablet is safely kept in the case’s pocket which is fixed with the Velcro flap. In black, this case is quite suitable to your business casual occasions, but you can also choose from the wide range of bright colors to personalize yourself with this model.

03. MoKo Ultra Slim Lightweight Smart-shell Stand Cover Case for Google Nexus 9 8.9 inch Volantis Flounder Android 5.0 Lollipop tablet by HTC, BLACK (With Smart Cover Auto Wake / Sleep Feature)

Also being made from PU leather but this case’s cover has a different look, which is smoother, slimmer and lighter than the previous models. However, its protectiveness is still comparable to the hard covers. More interestingly, it is waterproof so you can carry your precious outside even in rainy weather. By opening and closing the case, you can automatically wake your device up or put it into sleep.

04. SUPCASE Google Nexus 9 Case Heavy Duty Full-body Protection [Unicorn Beetle PRO] Case Cover with Built-in Screen Protector for HTC Nexus 9 (2014 Release), Black/Black

High protectiveness is the outstanding feature of this case. In fact, with dual layer which is hard and facilitated with shock absorbing technique, and the front cover accompanied by a screen protector, this feature is absolutely invincible. This case’s outlook is very sporty, which makes it really attractive to young and dynamic people.

05. Poetic Google Nexus 9 Case [GraphGRIP Series] – [Lightweight] [GRIP] Protective Silicone Case for Google Nexus 9 Black (3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic)

If leather is not your favorite, rubber should be the right material for you with the same protectiveness to your device. Made from rubber – like silicon, this one is one of your choices with its high durability. Its design is quite special as it is the square patterns which are separated by the grooves. This kind of design help may help the case absorb some minor pressure as well.

06. E LV Nexus 9 Case Cover SHOCK ABSORPTION (Inbuilt STAND) Full Body Hybrid Protection PU LEATHER Case Cover for Google Nexus 9 with 1 Stylus – ZIGZAG

This case has a young and colorful design, which makes it very attractive to young people, especially young ladies. Furthermore, the logo of Nexus is left uncovered, which helps your tablet reveal its identity. It is also equipped with shock-absorbing function for better protection to your precious device.

07. Devicewear Slim Google Nexus 9 Case Slim Vegan Leather Case with Six Position Flip Stand and On/Off Switch, Red (RDG-GN9-RED)

One word to describe this case is luxury. The common leather material is made in claret, which gives it a unique appearance. Different from other leather cases whose interior is made from microfiber, this one is made from micro suede. Basically, covered all in leather, it is highly protective against all external pressure.

08. FYY® Premium Leather Case Smart Cover with Card Slots, Pocket, Elastic Hand Strap and Stylus Holder for Google Nexus 9 Compact Tablet Black (With Auto Wake/Sleep Feature)

This is the one and only handmade product in the collection. The premium leather together with perfect workmanship keeps this case firm and durable most of the time. It is convenient as it can be utilized to keep other things such as cards or some cash. Its design is very simple, beside this case is available in many different colors so no matter what gender you are, you can find yourself the best one to express yourself.

09. OMOTON Google Nexus 9 Smart Case — Folio PU Leather Case Cover with Auto Sleep / Wake Feature for New Google Nexus 9 (2014 Released) Android Tablet, Lucky Flower

This will definitely win the ladies’ heart as it has wonderful flower pattern design. It is designed especially for Google Nexus 9. Like other cases in the collection, it helps users save much battery by its automatic wakening mode. Especially, in case of any complaint, this case can enjoy warranty forever from its manufacturer.

10. AERO ARMOR Protective Case for Google Nexus 9 Tablet 8.9 Inch – Black

This case is another application of multilayer technique, which reinforces the protection to the precious tablet. Besides, there is bumper around the edge of the case to absorb part of the pressure. The appearance of this case is high tech style so if you are a fan of technology, it would be the right choice for you.

11. Tri-Fold Book Cover Case exclusive for 2014 HTC Google Nexus 9 Tablet (8.9 inch), with Hand Strap, Corner Protection, bonus procase stylus pen included (Red)

Also made from high quality synthetic leather and microfiber, this product can guarantee the greatest safety to your device. Its outstanding point is the convenience due to its design. There is a hand strap in the inner side of the front cover so that users can hold the tablet more firmly in one hand. The bright red color is very suitable to the lady users, especially in the formal occasion or party.

12. HTC Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio

It can be said that this case is the most outstanding product in this collection as it is accompanied with a Bluetooth keyboard. The cover is attached to the tablet by the magnet so it can be removed easily. More conveniently, the case can be folded in two angles to provide the most comfortable position for users to watch or to work.

The above collection gathers all of the Best and nice Google Nexus 9 cases that are available in the market at present. It is very diverse in designs as well as materials but share the common point in the convenience and protectiveness. After looking through this collection, which one is your most suitable one?

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