Best Lumia 950 and 950 XL cases

Microsoft has spent a whole year to create devices that surprise all smartphone users in the new product-launching event in New York recently. Like other top smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung and Apple, Microsoft introduced 2 version of their latest development. The Lumia 950 has a 5.2-inch screen and the Lumia 950 XL, which is bigger, has a 5.7-inch screen. The specifications of these 2 devices are very similar. They both have a 20MP PureView camera on the back with triple LED flash and a 5MP rare camera on the front. Unlike most high-end devices these days, which is made of metal, these 2 Lumia have a plastic body that does not really give out the premium look. However, the three power and lock buttons and the camera button are metal. They also have straight sides so that you can handle these big-screen devices much easier.

Best Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL cases

The other differences between Lumia 950 and 950 XL besides their screen size are the battery and processor. The 950 XL has a larger battery and runs eight cores processor chip rather than six as on the 950.

Fingerprint sensor has had its moment. And now, Microsoft offers their users a more advanced technology. It’s Windows Hello, which uses biometric date to authorize the login in form of iris recognition. That means you don’t need to touch the home button to unlock your phone anymore but just look at the front-facing camera. It recognizes you very quickly and then, the phone will flashes your name up on top. Indeed, this feature is designed to make your phone the real yours.

Above is what the new Lumia will bring to you, now, it’s your turn to find the best Lumia 950 and 950 XL cases to provide these precious devices the ultimate protection against damages, which ensure they are able to fully offer you what they have claimed.

Choose the right version for your phone:
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Lumia 950

01. Mr Shield For Microsoft Lumia 950 Anti-Crash Screen Protector with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

This screen protector is much more protective than tempered glass as it is made with latest nanotechnology. It is also scratch, crack and crash resistant with 9H-hard material. Besides, Mr Shield provides you all the necessary tools in the package so that you can easily apply the film on the screen without any bubble.

02. TUDIA Ultra Slim Full-Matte ARCH TPU Bumper Protective Case for Microsoft Lumia 950

This item is a shell cover, which is made from soft and durable TPU. The material gives the case a premium look and a comfortable touch that may make you like to hold your phone all day. The case is exclusively designed for the Lumia 950 allowing full access to all buttons and ports, it also has raised edges to protect the screen when placed face down on the flat surface.

03. OEAGO Microsoft Lumia 950 Case Cover Accessories – Tough Rugged Dual Layer Protective Case with Kickstand

This phone case is designed for those who want a highly protective shell with a sporty and manly design. This item from OEAGO is constructed with a TPU inner sleeve, a hard plastic back cover and double-thick TPU corners for the most protection against drops, bumps or any unintentional damages in your daily use.

04. OMOTON® Hybrid Bumper Case Cover for Microsoft Lumia 950 with [Lifetime Warranty]

This bumper case protects your phone from bumps, scratches and its matt surface diminish the residue oil from fingerprints. It has a minimal design with solid color and a slim profile to protect your phone without making it bulkier.

05. Microsoft Lumia 950 Case Cover Accessories – Shock-Absorption Dual Layer Defender Protective Case Cover

This case has soft interior and hard exterior, which not only protect your device from drops and bumps but also ensure your phone be safe with its dual shock absorption layer. The texture provides extra grip to make you feel more comfortable when handling the Lumia 950 and it also covers the buttons allowing them to be protected fully as well as pressed easily.

06. LK [Drop Protection] Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case Cover for Microsoft Lumia 950

The case gives out a sturdy look with hard plastic outer shield. However, while providing the ultimate protection to your device with durable plastic and silicone, it is totally lightweight and slim-fit, not making it heavier and discomfort hen holding a big device as your Lumia.

07. SPARIN® Ultra Slim and Lightweight Scratch Resistant Smart Case for Microsoft Lumia 950

Sparin is one of the most reliable manufactures in the case industry, so I don’t need to tell you how durable and high-quality this case is. Besides, this case also has stylish and elegant design with special decoration, which adds a sense of uniqueness to your device. Purchase it and realize yourself that a Sparin’s product will never let you down!

08. IVSO® Super Frosted Shield Cover High Quality Case+ Crystal Clear Screen Protector -will only fit Microsoft Lumia 950

In addition to providing the efficient hardness and durability, the imported PC material of this case is also green and environment-friendly. Moreover, IVSO uses the latest clean matte UV injection process to give this case the smooth and comfortable touch as well as a simple but elegant appearance.

09. IVSO® Ultra-Thin-Rain Style High Quality Case-Will Only Fit Microsoft Lumia 950

Constructed similarly to the above item, this case is made from original raw material and precisely designed for Lumia 950. The difference is that it is a full cover, which protect both the plastic back and the AMOLED screen of your device. The soft inner prevent the screen from scratches and dirt.

10. KuGi ® Star style High quality ultra-thin PU Leather Case for Microsoft Lumia 950

This PU leather cover has a sleek profile with premium material, minimal design and highly slimness. It has soft leather inner lining for scratch resistance and magnetic closure system for ultimate secure. This case comes in 4 colors, all of which are beautiful.

11. iCoverCase Vintage Matte [Dull Polish] PU Leather [Stand Feature] Cover [Wallet Funcation] Case Flip Phone Shell

This premium synthetic leather cover turns your phone into a classic handbook, which is really attractive and outstanding. The leather feel provides a comfortable grip for your device and prevent scratches. Furthermore, it has built-in stand for hand-free viewing and some slots to keep your cards.



Lumia 950 XL

01. OEAGO Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Case Cover Accessories – Tough Rugged Dual Layer Protective Case with Kickstand

Like the OEAGO’s item above, this case has a shock absorption TPU inner sleeve and impact resistant back cover so that it can provide 100% protection to your phone. Once applied on your device, it will bring you the peace in mind that your Lumia is safe in any occasion. This new collection of OEAGO also offers you many choices of colors and a reasonable price.

02. TUDIA Ultra Slim Full-Matte ARCH TPU Bumper Protective Case for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

This product is precisely made for Lumia 950 XL that it not only prevents your phone from being damaged but also allows full access to all ports and jacks. It has raised edges to guard the screen against scratches when faced down. Its design is not so special or impressive but very practical, thus this case can be a gift for a minimal-style man.

03. OMOTON® Hybrid Bumper Case Cover for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL with [Lifetime Warranty]

Another minimally designed case for professional people. Knowing that your device has a considerably big size, so the manufacturer has tried their best to create a case that offers the best protection for the back and all corners of your Lumia without making it bigger or bulkier. Besides, the lifetime warranty from the manufacture is an evidence for the quality and durability of this product.

04. IVSO® Microsoft Lumia 950XL case – Super Frosted Shield Cover High Quality Case+ Crystal Clear Screen Protector

The outstanding features of this case have been mentioned above. It is made from green materials and both sides of this case uses the latest clean matte UV injection. That’s what will give the case a beautiful look and a comfortable touch. The color of the case is bright and generous, so it will make your black or white device much more attractive.

05. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Case Cover Accessories – Shock-Absorption Dual Layer Defender Protective Case Cover

This is a dual layer case including a silicone interior and a TPU outer hard core case, which is shock absorbing designed to distribute and circulate the impacts into the bumper. The TPU cover also adds extra grip to your device for easier handling and preventing drop.

06. SPARIN® Ultra Slim and Lightweight Scratch Resistant Smart Case for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

What I like most about this case is its soft, flexible but stylish design. It not only protects the device but also make it become an elegant accessory. The phone remains slim after applying this case and the back cover provides a really comfortable touch.

07. Cases For Lumia 950XL TopAce High Quality PU Leather Case Flip Cover

This case contains 2 parts: a high quality PU leather front cover and a PC hard back case in order that the case can be the best shield against scratches and everyday bumps. The soft interior of the leather front cover ensures the screen will not be scratched as well as feel great in your hands.

08. Zeeeda® PU Leather Wallet Flip Case Cover for Microsoft Lumia 950XL

Like the above item, this is also a 2-part case. However, this case features a magnetic closure to prevent the case from unintentional open. Moreover, it provides 3 card slots and a large compartment for cash, so you can go out carrying this wallet case and don’t have to find things to hold your big device and your wallet.

09. NiceGift Lovely Cartoon Leather Case Cover with Kickstand and Card Slots

This case comes in 6 different colors, all of which are vivid and graceful. The colors and the pattern printed on the cover make it a perfect gift for lovely women and girls. Besides, the quality of this product will never disappoint you. It secures your device from shocks, scratches and even dirt.

10. HT [Kickstand Foldable Feature]Wallet Case,Premium PU Leather Wallet Case Flip Cover Built-in ID & Credit Card Slots

Also a wallet case with built-in card slots, the design of this case is exclusive for professionals. The brown or other color on the PU leather materials is really smooth and gives out the premium look. The magnetic lock button does it job well to neatly and securely keep the case closed.

11. Premium Workout Armband Case for Microsoft Lumia 950 XL + SumacLife TM Wristband

This is an outstanding item that makes your device become wearable. Although a 5.7-inch screen device is too big to wear on your wristband, it’s still very useful when you are jogging or doing outdoor activities but don’t want to miss a message or calls. More importantly, this armband case is very sturdy so you don’t have to worry that you will drop your phone when working out or even running.

Let’s order a case right now to have it at the same time you get your new phone. This list contains all the Best Lumia 950 and 950 XL cases that offer a both good shield and customized look to your new device and we hope that you can find the right one for you from our recommendation.

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