Best and cheap HTC Desire 816 Cases

Though different from other lines of smart phones in its design, HTC Desire 816 is still vulnerable to hurts from external factors – a drawback that has been inherent in almost all brands of smart phones. However, you – phone users, may not be so worried since the introduction of best and cheap HTC 816 Cases will help you to deal with this hassle in most efficient ways.

1.Black Case Cover + Screen Protector For HTC Desire 816 Nillkin NK70143

01-Black Case Cover

Please give a warm welcome to the first item from this exceptional collection. Filled with a black color on its body, this case is a brand new product that can give your HTC the best protection against such damage as dust and scratches. More importantly, its smart design gives you no trouble in applying it to your phone. With only slightly more than 9 bucks, you’ll be able to bring this case home. What are you waiting for? Order it right now. For more details, please click here



2.DAYJOY Luxury Ultra Thin Aluminum Alloy Protective Metal Bumper Frame Case with Acrylic PC Back Cover Shell+ 1PC tempered glass protector film for HTC DESIRE 816(GOLDEN)

02-DAYJOY Luxury Ultra Thin

This item is on sale at the price of $19.99 which is much more expensive than that of its first fellow because this case possesses a bunch of superior traits. The cover is a perfect combination of aluminum alloy and acrylic PC, ensuring that you’ll have a lightweight phone immune from external damage. Also, the product comes out in so many colors to well diversify your options. Let your phone be outstanding and solid by adding this item to your shopping cart right away. For more information, visit here.



3.[ HTC Desire 816 ] ToPerk (TM) Cyber Grid Armor Case + Free HD Screen Protector & Stylus Pen As Bundle Sale – Teal

03-[ HTC Desire 816 ] ToPerk

The about-to-be-introduced case will save you 14 bucks by being sold at an unbelievable cheap price of $7.99 (shipping included).This item is made from a combo of premium PC and soft silicone – materials that are excellent at dealing with scratches, dirt, minor drops, and bumps. Special design at four corners helps you to freely remove and insert it without any problem. Different colors are on offer on Just order one of them right now to protect your beloved HTC. For further information, go straight here.

Out of stock


4.Caseflex HTC Desire 816 Case Black Silicone S-Line Cover

04-Caseflex HTC Desire 816 Case Black Silicone S-Line Cover

The price of this item will absolutely let you wonder why it is so cheap like that. However, you may rest assured that it is the technological advancements behind the product not its drawbacks that make this imaginary price possible. The item is constituted of best S-line Silicone that helps to prevent harm from approaching your phone. Moreover, this product will be accompanied by a clear screen protector with the purpose of comprehensive protection. So, if you want your phone to be safe from top to bottom, purchase this right now. For further details, come here.



5.Yousave Accessories HTC Desire 816 Case Jellyfish Silicone Gel Cover

05-Yousave Accessories HTC Desire 816 Case Jellyfish Silicone Gel Cover

This one comes out with a sacred mission to safeguard “female” HTCs. Looking at its colorful appearance; I guess that this case will win the entire hearts of girls and ladies. However, the case still ensures its original protective function with a set of from-top-to-bottom protection including back and screen protectors in addition to the role of a make-up artist for your phone. At the price of only $6.89, this case really makes a great deal. So don’t hesitate to place an order now. You can come to get more information from here.



6.DuroCase ® HTC Desire 816 Hard Case Black – (Black Mint White Chevron D)


Another great member from the family of best and cheap HTC Desire 816 Cases is coming to you now. The clever snap-on design makes easy your installation, and all buttons and ports on your phones are made accessible with this case applied. Its looking is really eye-catching with black mint white kinked patterns on its back. The price of $11.82 is really soft for a purchase. So, why don’t you try it now? For further particulars, log in here.



7.Big Mango Young and Fashion Series Cute Premium Hybrid Protective Bumper Case Soft Smooth TPU Back Cover for HTC Desire 816 – Cartoon Mouse

07-Big Mango Young and Fashion

This case is a brand new line from Big Mango. With the main theme of Chibi arts and cartoon characters, this item owns a cute and adorable face. Constituting soft TPU and premium PC, the case makes your installation effortless and your phone safe and sound from scratches and drops. Also, this case poses no trouble to your phone’s portability thanks to its light weight and absolute fitness. With all those advanced features, $11.50 for this case is not a large sum at all. So why don’t you accept this great bargain? For more details, read here.

Out of stock


8.Keep Clam Series “I Will not Keep Clam and You Can Fuck Off” Funny Special Custom Cover Case For HTC Desire 816 (White) with Best Silicon Rubber

08-Keep Clam Series

The next item is so unique that it can give you a shock at first glance. Like other fellows in this collection, this 8th case is also expert at keeping your phone safe from damage owing to its high-quality material, dustproof plug and Headset winder. One more noticeable thing here is that it’s its personalized design that makes this case stand out from the crowd. This product is characterized by shocking slogans written by indelible ink on its back. This is aimed at meeting personal needs of each customer. The reasonable price is set at $14.88. So it’s worth your trial. For more information, you can get here.



9.DuroCase ® HTC Desire 816 Hard Case White – (Space Aztec)

09-DuroCase ® HTC

The next one is a glorious colorful sparkling case that is so eye-catching and trendy. In addition to the best safeguard, this item can serve well as an unrivalled make-up artist for your smart phone with fancy unique patterns on its back. Therefore, slightly above 11 bucks is not a sum that does matter at all. Just push the order button on the site right now. For more details, go get here.



10.Head Case Designs Grip Cyclopedia Protective Snap-on Hard Back Case Cover for HTC Desire 816

10-Head Case Designs

The 10th member from this extraordinary selection of best and cheap HTC Desire 816 Cases is a terrific one. It’s as strong as a real bodyguard but as light as feather all due to its hard-shell PC material. Snap-on design makes it easy for your installation. Solid appearance mixed with luxury in a black color is something favorite to the stronger. More specially, with only $8.45, you’ll get it on hands. For more descriptions, please look at here



11.LF 3 in 1 Bundle – Hard Case Cover, Lf Stylus Pen, Screen Protector & Droid Wiper Accessory for (Virgin Mobile) HTC Desire 816 (Hard Black)

11-LF 3 in 1 Bundle

The unbelievably low price of $4.50 is something that really kindles your interest in this case. Durable PC plastic is what makes the name of this case as one of the most reliable phone protector. Also, ultra-thin design helps it to cause no weight gain to your phone when it’s inserted. Clever holes give you free access to any ports or buttons on your phone. How can you miss this out? For more information, please refer to here.



12.kwmobile® Practical and chic FLIP COVER case for HTC Desire 816 in Black

12-kwmobile® Practical and

This case is a little bit different from other items in that it features great foldability that enables your HTC to function as a mini TV. There you can go with your HD movies on your cell phone every night. Flip design promises a comprehensive protection and lightweight material ensures the phone’s portability. The item comes in various colors at different prices which are suited to different preferences and affordability of many users. Let’s give it a try. For more details, look up here.



13.HTC Desire 816, E LV HTC Desire 816 Deluxe PU Leather Wallet / Purse Case Cover for HTC Desire 816 with 1 Stylus and 1 E LV Microfiber Digital Cleaner – TRIBAL

13-HTC Desire 816,

Wallet design with a magnetic closure is the main concept of this case. This item is a good symbol of convenience with a huge slot for your phone to be attached, accompanied by other small slots for storing your cash or credit card. You can rest assured of its protective function as it’s made of premium PU leather. Different styles in various colors are available now on the site at reasonable prices. It’s worth your purchase. Search here for further details.



14.HTC Desire 816, E LV HTC Desire 816 Deluxe PU Leather Wallet / Purse Case Cover for HTC Desire 816 with 1 Stylus and 1 E-LV Microfiber Digital Cleaner (Black)

14-HTC Desire 816

The same concept as that of the previous item is also applied to this case. This wallet case gives you more convenience and comfort in use while it, when inserted, allows you free access to any ports, jacks and buttons on your phone. Products in different colors are waiting for your purchase at the same price of only $9.99. What a great deal! Check here for more information



Throughout this article, we’d like to introduce to you best and cheap HTC Desire 816 Cases with a view to making your phone use better and delighting you most. Each of 14 items from this collection features its own distinctions that better your choices. If you are looking for another cases for your HTC phone, this collection of Best and awesome HTC One M8 cases should be in your wishlist.

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