Best and beautiful Motorola Moto X cases

Like any other lines of smart phones, Moto X comes with the most sophisticated technological interior but the most vulnerable and fragile exterior – a common concern for all fans of this cell phone. Understanding this hassle,, for this time, takes pride in the debut of best and beautiful Motorola Moto X cases which are intended to change not only the resistance but also the lame appearance of Moto X.

Choose the right version for your phone:
Motorola Moto X 1st Generation – 2013 Release Motorola Moto X 2nd Generation – 2014 Release

Motorolal Moto X 1st Generation 2013

1.Diztronic Matte Back Black Flexible TPU Case for Moto X (2013 Model Only) – Retail Packaging

The first item from this never-better collection is absolutely exceptional. Covering your beloved device with a matte body, it is just more a safeguard against outsiders than a normal case. The so-called design “Lay-on-the-table” make it possible for you to protect the phone screen when it is placed face down. The site makes an irresistible deal when offering the case at only around 10 bucks. Just give it a try!

2.ColorYourLife Motorola Moto X Case Bundle of 6 Accessories – 3 Colorful Rubberized Flexible TPU Cases Covers Skins with Screen Protector for Motorola Moto X + Stylus Pen + Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Flower pattern)

The next item is another amazing case without doubt. Buying this case is bringing not only one of the best phone protectors but also a surprising make-up artist for your best-loved Moto X. The case makes its own name for eye-catching design of motley flower patterns in addition to the TPU protective body. $11.77 (shipping included) is never so expensive for this great item. Why don’t you try it right now? For further details, please see here.

3.Moto X Case (1st Gen Only), 2 items Bundle – 24K Gold Plating Electromagnetic Waves Blocking Sticker and Triple Layers Protective Case for Motorola Moto X. (Teal Green / Pink)

This case is a perfect combination of hard and soft materials. Specifically, it is made of two layers of hardened shells outside to fight against drops, bumps and scratches, and an inner soft layer lying between the two layers to absorb shocks. Hence, your loved Moto X will surely be kept safe from top to bottom. Clever cut-outs give you easy access to all ports on your phone when you insert the case to it. Various styles are on offer at different competitive prices. It’s definitely worth your try. To get more details, come here.

4.Motorola Moto X (1st Generation) Case, Cimo [Wave] Premium Slim TPU Flexible Soft Case For Motorola Moto X (1st Generation, 2013) – Black

At the price of only $9.93 with free shipping, this case is really a big deal to any fans of Motorola Moto X. It deserves a room in the collection of best and beautiful Motorola Moto X cases since it perform best as a phone protector and beautifier. The lightweight TPU body protects your phone well when applied but causes no trouble to its hand-held features. Also, the design of raised edges protects the screen when placed face down while anti-slip properties facilitate the phone’s handgrip. Why don’t you order it right now?

5.Moto X Case, SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Series] for All New Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen.) Phone 2014 Release, Premium Hybrid Bumper Case (Frost Clear/Black) – Not Fit Moto X Phone (1st Gen.) 2013 Release

05-Moto X Case, SUPCASE

The elegant layout of the case has won the heart of all male fans of Motorola Moto X. This case actually makes your phone manly and luxurious. Don’t forget about its amazing protective features. This item constitutes a firm coat of soft TPU and hard PC materials on your phone as a protective layer. Snap-on design makes easier your installation while all buttons are accessible through smart added ports. It’s really reasonable for you to pay only $16.99 for this case. Where can you find a better case than this one? Just click the “add to cart” button right now.

6.Moto X Phone Case, SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Premium Hybrid Protective Bumper Case for Motorola Moto X Phone, Frost Clear/Gray [Free HD Clear Screen Protector, Bubble Free Installation Instruction Included]

This one is another case created under the idea of luxury and elegance lying in its clear and frost design. Like the previous one, the protective features lie in its combo of TPU and PC materials. Effortless installation and easily accessible portions when applied are both stimulating properties brought by the case. Specially, the item comes in a set of back and HD screen protectors. With only $8.99, you’ll have this fabulous case at your disposal. Just try it now. Read more reviews on the item here.

7.Trident Cyclops Series Case for Motorola X – Retail Packaging – Green

Coming to customers’ hands under motley eye-catching covers in different colors, this case is the best means for those who would love to make their mobile phones outstanding and dazzling. In addition, the item carries with it hundreds of protective properties including dust filters, drop protection and screen protectors. Various colors give you more options while the price is charged differently for each color. Anyway, it’s still a real bargain for you to purchase this one. More details can be accessed here.

8.ColorYourLife Motorola Moto X Case Bundle – 3 Colorful Rubberized Flexible TPU Cases Covers Skins with Screen Protector for Motorola Moto X (Released 2013) + Stylus Pen + Microfiber Cleaning Cloth (Tribal pattern)

The eighth member of best and beautiful Motorola Moto X 1st gen cases carries unique tribal patterns on its body. That’s why it stands out from any other of its brothers and sisters. Besides, the case performs well its fundamental protective function by fighting for your device against scratches and chips due to the mixed layer of TPU and PC materials. The item is offered in a full set of a screen protector, a stylus pen and a microfiber cleaning cloth at only $7.99. Where can you find such a gift? For more details, go here.

9.NOOT PRODUCTS® [Ultra Slim] Moto X One Wallet Case [Lifetime Warranty] Premium Slim-Fit Protective Nylon Folio Case with Card Slot Holster and Premium Grade TPU Casing [Flip Hard Case] Cover Made for Motorola Moto X 1st Generation

This one is totally different from other cases in this collection in that it’s no longer based on the snap-on design. The case provides a comprehensive protection for your device due to its flip design smartly cut out, giving you easy access to phone screen and camera when using the case. In addition, the case is a master of convenience. While it’s added with storage slots for your card or cash, the front lid can turn into a stand for your movie enjoyment. More importantly, the price of $19.99 is really economical for such an extraordinary case. To testify my words, you can read more reviews here.

10.OtterBox Defender Series Case for Motorola Moto X – Retail Packaging – Blue/Purple

The last item from this range is not less remarkable than any other cases mentioned above. Looking at its strong and firm design, I’ll say for sure that this one is a great defender with its body of shock-absorbing and impact-deflecting materials. Additional screen protector helps to keep your touch screen safe whereas the multi-layer layout makes impossible for external factors to hurt your device. The price is rather expensive but is still worth your money. Try it and feel how well it defends your phone. For more facts, look at here.


Motorolal Moto X 2nd Generation 2014

With these 8 supplementary items, we believe that fans of Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen will have a larger pool of choices for their beloved smart phones.

1.i-Blason All New Motorolal Moto X 2nd Gen Flexible TPU Case Cover for Moto X 2nd Generation Case for Google Motorola Moto 2 (Black)

The first case in the supplementary section is absolutely fantastic. Specially designed for this line of smart phone, the item provides never-better protection for your device through its raised edges to protect the screen when the phone is placed face down and its anti-slip features for your handgrip. Additionally, smart cut-outs help you get easy access to all buttons. More noticeably, the case is offered at only $9.99. What a great deal! Buy it right now. For more information, please click here.

2.Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation) Case, Cimo [Wave] Premium Slim TPU Flexible Soft Case For Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation, 2014) – Clear

Next, please welcome another case coming in premium quality. This item will certainly surprise you with its perfect protective properties lying in its shock-absorbing and shatterproof TPU body. While it has done well with its basic function, the case adds nearly no bulk to your phone by its ultra-slim design. Various colors are available at the same price of $29.98 including free shipping. What a great gift! Order it right away. For more details, come here.

3.E LV Google Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen Holster Case Cover – Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case Cover with kickstand and Belt Swivel Clip for Google Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen Moto X2 (2014 Release) 1 Stylus and 1 Screen Protector – black

The following case will stun phone users who love visual entertainment on their best-loved devices. The cheap price of $9.99 can never speak of all marvelous things that this item can do to your life. Made of soft feeling material, the case covers your device with premium anti-shock coating protecting it from top to bottom. Added grip features fight against sudden drops. Specially, a smartly designed stand enables your device to become a standing movie screen anytime and anywhere you like. What are you waiting for? Click the button “add to cart” right now. For further information, read here.

4.Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen, 2014) Wallet Case – VENA [vSuit] Slim Fit Leather Case with Stand and Card Slots for Motorola Moto X (2nd Generation) – Black

This is another exceptional case from this collection. Coming in 4 different unique colors for your further options, the case is really one of the best safeguards for your cell phones. The wallet design with a magnetic closure helps to ensure that your device will stay where it should be. More conveniently, the case is added with more slots to store your credit cards, cash or ID card. The price of $9.95 makes it a good bargain. Just give it a try. For further details, get here

5.Mokingtop® Heavy Duty Impact Hard Case Bracket Stand Cover for Motorola Moto G Xt1032 Xt1031 (Blue)

05-Mokingtop® Heavy Duty

The price of only $3.98 for this amazing case will give you a big sense of surprise or even shock. It’s really cheap for such a great combo of premium TPU and PC materials that excel in fighting against shocks and scratches. A convenient kickstand is so helpful for your visual entertainment. Why don’t you try it now? To read more reviews, go here

Out of stock

6.SUPCASE Easy Fitting Sport Running Armband for All New Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen.) Phone 2014 Release with Premium Flexible Case Combo (Black) – Not Fit Moto X Phone (1st Gen.) 2013 Release

This member is totally unique, different from any other of its brothers and sisters in this family of best and beautiful Motorola Moto X cases. With the design like a watch, the case helps to hold your device firmly around your arm while the silicone body gives it the best protection. Easy insertion and accessible buttons in application are other supportive features. At the price of $14.99, it’s really worth your try. To get more information, check here.

7.Moto X (2nd Gen.) Case, E LV Motorola Moto X+1 Flip Case Cover – Deluxe PU Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover for Moto X 2nd Generation Case for Google Motorola Moto X with 1 E LV Stylus – BLACK

This case is a master of convenience and storage. In addition to its unrivaled protective properties through its high quality PU leather, the case was created on the notion of the wallet design with multiple storage slots for your miscellaneous things. Moreover, the case is on offer along with an ELV stylus at the price of nearly 10 bucks. It actually deserves your purchase. To see more details, look at here.

8.SUPCASE [Heavy Duty] Belt Clip Holster Case for All New Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen.) Phone 2014 Release [Unicorn Beetle PRO Series] Full-body Rugged Hybrid Protective Cover with Built-in Screen Protector (Black/Black), Dual Layer Design + Impact Resistant Bumper [Not Fit Moto X Phone (1st Gen.) 2013 Release]

This item owns a strong and tough exterior appearance showing that it’s a really tough phone safeguard against damage from external factors. Using this case, your device will receive a dual layer of protection against bumps, drops, and shocks – a combination of PC hard shell and TPU soft interior. Additionally, a built-in screen protector perfects its comprehensive protective functions. It’s worth paying $19.99 for this second-to-none item. For more reviews, visit here.

Throughout this article, we’d like to show a little concern for such a fairly quiet line of smart phone as Motorola Moto X. Through the collection of best and beautiful Motorola Moto X 1st gen and 2nd gen cases, we hope that you’ll be satisfied with options offered in this selection.

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