Best and cool Blackberry Priv cases

BlackBerry Priv is designed with the newest and most unique style, totally different from the rest of the Android world. It has a hardware keyboard sliding out from behind the main display which enables you to not only type much faster than on a software keyboard but also scroll up and down the page with best convenience like a mouse. This keyboard has the vintage identical style as Blackberry Classic, a signature of this smartphone for businessmen.

Blackberry Priv features a 5.4-inch AMOLED display with 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution. These configuration is not so impressive, compared with the latest creation from Samsung or other high-end smartphone giants. However, the display on the Priv is still visually great. It delivers vivid colors, crisp text and real images.

About the hardware design, like other products of Blackberry, this Priv is not as slim-profile as you can put it in your paint-pocket. It is thick but feel sold in hand and have a gripping back for confidant and comfortable handle with one hand.

In brief, this Blackberry Priv may be very useful and professional if you have already got used to using a phone hardware keyboard as on other Blackberry’s. The Priv also has so many interesting features that you can have a more uniquely beneficial experience than ever.


Nevertheless, after getting this amazing device, finding for it a suitable protective case is an important task. Thus, check out the following collection of best and cool Blackberry priv cases now to complete the task more easily.

01. Skinomi® TechSkin – BlackBerry Priv Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film with Free Lifetime Replacement Warranty

As usual, a screen protector is the most important item to ensure the safety of your smartphone that is always placed first in the list. This Skinomi TechSkin flexible film is cut by laser with ultimate precise for minimum screen coverage, even on curved edges. The self-healing and military-grade material provides perfect impact absorbent, scratch-proof and UV resistance.

02. BlackBerry ACC62174001 Leather Holster Priv

This holster is made from genuine Nappa leather with black solid package. It also features automatic power-saving function and 360-degree rotating clip. As this product is manufactured by Blackberry, it will ensures full access to your smartphone as well as providing many more amazing functions to support the use and carry of your Priv.

03. BlackBerry ACC62173001 Leather Smart Flip Case Priv

Since Blackberry Priv is so uniquely designed that Blackberry has itself introduced many kinds of cases to help the users protect their cellphone while having the best experience with the Priv. This leather smart flip case is one of Blackberry’s products that are customized opening for view of time, date and notifications. It is also automatically power-saving and NFC friendly.

04. iTALKonline BlackBerry Priv Brown Super Slim PU Leather Executive Multi-Function Wallet Case Cover Organiser Flip with Credit / Business Card Holder

This is a super slim PU leather case that helps you keep your phone and your cards safe in one place, a rubber suction pad is strong enough to hold your phone securely even when dropped. It also has a magnetic closure for more protection. The item comes in many beautiful colors and a really low price, so you may want to buy more than one!

05. Nagebee – High Impact Resistant Black Dual Layer Armor Holster With Locking Belt Clip Defender Full Body Protective Hybrid Armor Case

This item is a 2-piece case including a hard back that slides into a locking belt clip swivel holster. The belt clip swivel holster offers many different viewing angles to help you watching your favorite movie with best comfort. As a 2-piece case, this item is very solid and well-constructed with double-enforced design.

06. fitBAG Classic Sand custom tailored sleeve for Blackberry Priv. Genuine Alcantara pouch with integrated MicroFibre lining for display cleaning

This is an original Alcantara pouch, which carries your Blackberry when you don’t want your phone to be scratched by touching other stuffs in your bags. It also has a high-tech MicroFibre lining for display and phone cleaning. As the item is made in Germany, you can be sure about the top quality of this pouch.

07. IWIO Blackberry Priv RED PU Leather Protective Pouch Belt Magnetic Holster Flip Case Skin Cover

This magnetic holster flip case is made from durable PU leather with slim-fit design, which provides best protection while add a unisex fashionable style in your phone look. This case is the best shield against dust, dirt and scratches. Besides, the holster enables you to carry the phone with ease and convenience.

Above are the best and cool Blackberry Priv cases currently available on the market. As the phone has not launched widely yet, our collection is not so various. However, we are sure that these items can bring you phone the best protection and most gorgeous look.

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