Best and cheap Lumia 635 / 630 cases

In the event “more Lumia”, Nokia has introduced the latest models of its smartphones called Nokia Lumia 630 and 635, which are in medium segmentation. Having the Clear Black IPS LCD screen of 4.5 inch, these smartphones have proven the more and more innovative development of Nokia Lumia. Another significant improvement is the camera with the resolution of 854 x 480 pixel, which allows you to experience the wonderful pictures. Besides, these items are installed the Windows Phone 8.1 OS. Therefore you will always be given a large number of regular updates to meet your daily demand, from working to entertaining. You will find such smartphones really useful whenever using them. Moreover, both items have 8GB of storage, and the same 5-megapixel rear camera, which are very useful for users. In this release, both phones have 5MP camera without flash and missing out on a front camera. However, the users are still able to capture beautiful images thanks to the special camera technology of Nokia.

best lumia 635 630 cases

And so as to keep your phone safe as well as maintain the original beautiful shape, you will need some wonderful protectors. These Best and cheap Lumia 635 / 630 cases are worth considering as the best choice for you. This collection of cases is particularly designed for Nokia Lumia 635 and 630 which is perfectly suitable for your daily demand. Let’s have a look through these amazing cases and give your smartphones better treatment.

01. Mr Shield Nokia Lumia 630/635 Anti-glare Screen Protector [3-PACK] with Lifetime Replacement Warranty

If you are looking for a case which can prevent your smartphone from the unwanted damages, then this item can help you out. With the 4H anti scratch resistant, your phone will no longer have to suffer from scratches even when being dropped.

02. NageBee(TM) – Nokia Lumia 635/Lumia 630 – Design Premium Heavy Duty Defender Hybrid Phone Cover Case (Hybrid Teal Mimosa)

There is no doubt that this case will completely protect your phone against scratches and other damages. Being made from high quality material, together with soft silicone rubber, this item is entirely fit your phone without making it bulky and rough.

03. AERO ARMOR Protective Case for Nokia Lumia 635 – Black

This is an awesome case with multi-layer construction, which is able to give your phone a total security. Being made especially for Nokia Lumia 630 and 635, this item is really easy to install as well as perfectly fit your smartphone. Do not hesitate to choose such item.

04. Dual Layer Shell STRIKE Impact Kickstand Case with Unique Graphic Images for Nokia Lumia 635, 630 from MINITURTLE | Includes Clear Screen Protector and Stylus Pen – Demon Cyborg

You will not have to be worried about the damages when dropping your phone by accident with this case. It is a harmonization between soft silicone and hard polycarbonate materials which guards your phone against heavy damages. Another bonus of this case is the built-in kickstand.

05. NageBee(TM) – Nokia Lumia 635/Lumia 630 – Design Premium Heavy Duty Defender Hybrid Phone Cover Case (Hybrid Kaleidoscope)

For those who are worried about scratches which can cause to their phone when they are dropped, this item may be the best choice. Being made from high quality plastic material and precisely cut, this case exactly fits your phone and is able to protect the phone from unwanted bumps.

06. CellJoy® Nokia Lumia 635 Case Hybrid Ultra Fit TPU Dual Protection ***Shockproof*** Slim Cover- Hard Case for Nokia Lumia 635 (Armor Shell Red)

This item is really suitable for those who need a case which can work as a strong protector and maintain the original shape. With the superior quality construction and vivid colored hard shell, this case also enhances your own style while protecting your Nokia Lumia.

07. Celljoy [Armor Grip] Nokia Lumia 635 Case Hybird [Ultra Fit] Dual Protection with ***Kick Stand*** Cover Skin – Hard Case for Nokia Lumia 635

With the superior quality construction, the case does a significant job of protection. Moreover, there is also a kick stand equipped on the back of your phone which provides you an ease of viewing. You will find it awesome when installing this item.

08. RANZ® Wave Pattern Print Desgin Impact Dual Layer Shockproof Bumper Hard Case Cover For Nokia Lumia 635 / 630 with Touch Stylus (Mint)

This is an outstanding case which can protect your phone and give it a stylish appearance as well. In addition, being specially designed for Nokia Lumia 635 / 630, this item is really easy to install and perfectly fit these types of smartphones.

09. Nokia Lumia 635 Okay Okay Phone Case and Valentine Skin Decal

You are an interesting person? You are seeking for a case which can not only protect your smartphone but also enhance your fashionable style? Then this item is exactly what you need. Another strength of this item is the anti-slip, and anti-fingerprint. You will be satisfied when purchasing this.

10. Thousand Eight(TM) For Nokia lumia 635, Nokia lumia 630 Diamond Studded Silicone Rubber Skin Hard Case

This double protection case will ensure the total safe for your phone, even when they are dropped suddenly. In addition, this case is available in a variety of colors so you can choose one for your phonewithout being worried about the new appearance.

11. Amzer Double Layer Hybrid Case Cover with Kickstand for Nokia Lumia 635/630 – Retail Packaging – Black

Not only does this case work as a protector, but it is also equipped a kick-stand with double layers. Therefore, you will be provided a total security for your phone and the convenience when watching films or TV programs thanks to the kick-stand. It is a bargain, right?

12. Starshop Full Protection Dual Layers Hybird Case with Kickstand and Locking Belt Swivel Clip Blue

This is an outstanding item which offers you many benefits. Being built in kick-stand, this case allows you to view multimedia such as image, video, animation… easily. Moreover, when installing this case, you can bring your phone to wherever thanks to the belt clip holster.

13. CoverBot Nokia Lumia 635 Flip Wallet Case with Stand PURPLE. Slim Style with Folio Flip Cover

Perfectly designed for your Nokia Lumia 630/635, this item is very easy to install and exactly fit your device. You will find it easy when accessing the screen thanks to the front cover. In addition, with this case, you can also store your IDs, credit cards and so on.

14. E LV Nokia 635 Case – Deluxe Classic PU Leather Flip Wallet Case Cover for Nokia Lumia 635 with 1 Black Stylus – Black

The last but not least case in this collection is a multi-functional leather one. When being installed this item, your phone will no longer have to suffer from unwanted damages. Moreover, this case allows you to store your IDs, credit cards and your money together with your phone as well.

Above is our fourteen Best and cheap Lumia 635 / 630 cases and they are on sale at the present. These case are all well designed and made from high quality materials in order to satisfy and give the users the best experience when using their smartphone without having to be worried about the unexpected damages. Let’s have a look and choose one awesome case now!

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